Aims and Objectives

  • To develop and encourage photography and its allied activities.
  • To organize photo walks on weekends and holidays aiming to capture and document nature, heritage, city culture, festivals and specific events of interest to photography.
  • The aim of the Society is to harmonize all ideas and conduct photo walks and other photography related events with a broader perspective
  • To conduct periodical exhibitions, meets and thereby bringing together people of the same ideology for the common cause of promoting photography as an art form.
  • To build around the objective of photography, various other activities
    around photography including travel to places of interest, bringing out  desk calendars, conduct meet ups to share the knowledge etc.,
  • To organize trips with photography as the primary activity.
  • To organize various workshops and talks on the subject of photography.
  • To promote, develop, preserve, and protect the art of photography.
  • To help, encourage and undertake various types of programmes at different level, which will create awareness among the general public on themes of national interest.
  • To provide a forum for the open discussion of matters of public interest, in the cause of upliftment of society and to awake integrity and brotherhood.