Photo-Payana Initiative

Photo-Payana is an initiative to travel to the places, typically of photographic interest near bangalore (typically weekend travel) with limited set of members from the society. The primary agenda of the travel will be to spend more time in photography, sharing knowledge and spend time together with fellow members who are passionate in photography.

How this works

On a specified date, the announcement about the Photo-Payana will be done in the website for the members to register for the trip along with the initial payment (advance). The members will be selected on First Come First Serve basis for that Photo-Payana.

Who can participate

This is open only for the members of the Photographic Society of Bangalore. For a trip, we will be having 10-12 members, (mostly in a Tempo-Traveller)

What will be the duration and periodicity

The travel will be for 2 days on a weekend and some travels may be planned on a long weekend as well based on the destination planned.

We will be planning minimum of one Photo-Payana in a quarter. And based on interest, we may have additional trips planned (either to same location or different location) in a quarter.

What will be the cost for the trip

The actual expenses of the trip will be shared with the members typically the travel, stay, entry ticket and food expenses and an minimal charge will be collected for the society fund for society activities. Any other incidental expenses of individuals should be borne by them.

For a 2-day trip, the approximate cost will be 3K-4K. However, the actual may vary depending on the destination, place of stay/food, number of days of trip etc., and it is purely based on cost-sharing basis + minimal charge for society fund.


Stay tuned for announcements related to Photo-Payana.