Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar (annual) Initiative, started in 2012 by Bangalore Photowalk and was successful for the last 2 years.  Photographic Society of Bangalore will be leading the Calendar 2014 Initiative. 

At the end of each year, to showcase our clicks and share it with our friends and family, we come up with Desk Calendar featuring the photographs clicked by the members during various activities of the society

In 2012, the Desk Calendar featured 12 photographs from different photographers which brought the Bangalore city in its true sense, which reflects natural glory, spirit, heritage and work-life of the city.

To make this initiative even bigger, in 2013, we had four different versions of calendar with following themes featuring 12 photographs on each theme.

  • Heritage (Temples, Darghas, Churches and other Monuments )
  • Nature ( Birds, Trees, Landscape, Waterscape, Sunrise, Sunset etc )
  • Streets/Cityspace ( Various streets/location which we have photowalked )
  • Events/Festivals (Karaga, TCS 10K, Gudiya Sambrahma, Ganesh Utsav, Durga Pooja etc)

Through the year, the Desk Calendar is cherished by our friends/families and others. Needless to satay, this remind us the calendar year, nike chaussures pas cher all the great time we had clicking & sharing the previous year, whenever we see the calendar in our desk. The initiative has been well received by all the members, family and friends.

Bangalore Photowalk, is an entity which organizes photowalks every weekend within the city. goedkoop nike air max 2016 The society supports and promotes the activities of Bangalore Photowalk, as this acts as one of the platform to bring together the passionate photographers together,